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With MiCare, AFMS patients can easily request and provide information at any time.  MiCare provides a secure patient portal to ensure easy and private online communications in order to connect beneficiaries to their health care team.
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To access the MiCare secure messaging portal click the link below.
Note: You must FIRST sign up with your local clinic IN PERSON before you will have access due to security reasons.

Click here for MiCare access!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Air Force's secure healthcare messaging, MiCare, now fully implemented

MiCare streamlines health inquiries

Air Force Medical Service now registering pediatric patients in MiCare

Air Force Medical Service turns to secure messaging   14

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Once Enrolled in MiCare you can...
tabRegistering Pediatric Patients 
Registering your child in MiCare is as easy as one-two-three. Pediatric patients are registered via a request to the clinic by the parent or guardian after they have first registered themselves in MiCare. The Medical Home accepts the pediatric patient after the parent or guardian has enrolled the child to their MiCare account. How is it done? Just follow the three simple steps below:

Step 1: As parents, you have to first be enrolled in MiCare through your medical provider before you can enroll your children. Remember that beneficiaries must enroll in person at their local clinic. Once you have enrolled yourself in MiCare, go to the MiCare website provided by your medical team and access the "Add a Family Member" link. You will then navigate to the "HOME" tab and select "Add a Family Member" to your account in the "Reminders" section.

Step 2: Fill out and complete the required information and click save. Please note you do not need to complete the "Health Insurance and Guarantor Information." After clicking "Save" you can add additional children to your MiCare account. Once you have entered all of your children, click "I'm Finished Adding Patients."

Step 3: To link your children to their Medical Home and Primary Care Manager (PCM), go to the "Link Patient to Doctors" tab. Your children's names should appear. Select the child you wish to add. Then, click "Add a Doctor." A search box will appear. Enter the last name of your child's PCM and click "Search." A dropdown list will come into view. When you find your child's PCM, click "Select this doctor." Now your child is linked to that PCM. Repeat step 3 to link additional children to their Medical Home and PCM. When you have finished selecting PCM's for all of your children, click "I'm Finished Adding Doctors." You are already enrolled, so there is no need to select a PCM for yourself.

Within three business days you will receive a notification via your e-mail, stating there is a secure message on your MiCare account. Log-in to your MiCare account to see a message which will state your child has been affiliated with his or her PCM and Medical Home. You are now able to contact your child's healthcare team with messages related to non-urgent pediatric issues, appointment requests and requests for a copy of your child's immunizations record or lab and medical test results. For those parents or guardians who are not eligible for care at a military medical facility, but you are the custodial parent of children who are eligible to participate in MiCare, please contact 1-866-Relayme (735-2963) for information on how to enroll your children into MiCare.
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Take Command of Your Healthcare

MiCare Secure Messaging is an online service that allows patients to take command of their healthcare by offering efficient electronic exchange between patients and their healthcare team. It allows for a more secure exchange of health information compared to using a personal email account.

The Many Uses of MiCare

MiCare allows patients to:
o Request their next appointment
o Request medication renewals
o Receive test and lab results
o Communicate online with the healthcare team about non-urgent symptoms
o Request a copy of their immunization records
o Accessing a large library of patient education materials

With MiCare you can receive a variety of messages. These messages include provider initiated messages, responses to your inquiries with advice on non-urgent matters, and reminder messages for appointments. MiCare will be implemented Air Force-wide, so once registered; you will remain in the system--no matter where the Air Force takes you.

Your healthcare team is dedicated to responding to all patient messages in a timely manner. The healthcare team will work to respond to all messages generally within a 72 hour timeframe. Please note that urgent messages should NOT be communicated via secure messaging.

MiCare and Security

MiCare is a secure platform where patients can communicate with members of their healthcare team and vice versa. MiCare ensures protection of your privacy. To protect information communicated via MiCare, all members - patients, staff members, and providers - are required to register and enter a unique Log In name and Password to access and use MiCare.

Only you and your healthcare team have access to your MiCare messages. Access to your MiCare inbox can be limited to designated practice members. This flexibility ensures maximal cross-coverage and confidentiality.

Security maintenance and administration are essential elements of MiCare operation and maintenance. MiCare utilizes several levels of security to protect the personal identifiable information of registered users. A secure connection is established with the browser to ensure that your personal information is encrypted or coded for transmission and storage. In addition, MiCare is in compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) (Pub. L. 104-191, Aug 21, 1996,110 Stat. 1936).

Benefits of MiCare

There are many benefits to using MiCare. These benefits include:
o Getting written advice that might be forgotten or misunderstood if communicated verbally.
o Avoiding the annoyance of waiting in phone trees and playing "telephone tag."
o Close monitoring of health issues through confidential online communications without the inconveniences of traffic, parking, or lost days at work.
o Getting attention and direct contact with your healthcare team for non-urgent matters.
o Requesting medication refills, or lab, radiology, and medical test results.
o Requesting to arrange lab, radiology, medical tests, or appointments
o Obtaining patient education through a web-based application that gives you access to an extensive library reviewed by board-certified healthcare professionals from leading health institutions in the U.S.

Enrolling in MiCare

Don't delay! Enroll in MiCare today! One MiCare enrollee said it is, "empowering to be able to communicate via the Internet about routine health issues - and can very well prevent visits to the clinic..."

Registration is a face-to-face process to ensure security of patient health information.  Enrollment can be initiated at the MTF. All you need to do is show your military  identification card and provide some basic information such as your name, social security number, birthday and e-mail address. You will then receive an email to finish your enrollment. Responding to the e-mail is a very important step. You will only be able to complete the registration process by following the e-mail instructions. Once you have accomplished this you are ready to start messaging with your care team.

The future of military health has arrived and AFMS patients can be part of it! Take command of your healthcare, register for MiCare today.

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tabPersonal Health Record Integration
Military health beneficiaries assigned to Air Force Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) now have access to their personal health record (PHR). This will provide access to their PHR 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the privacy of their home.

Having access to their PHR will give beneficiaries the opportunity to contribute to the management of their care. The PHR will include features such as laboratory results, radiology results, immunizations data, medications lists, family and social history, blood pressure readings, allergies and past medical history. Patients are encouraged to keep their medical information up-to-date by routinely adding or updating information in the health history portion of their PHR like recently identified medical histories or allergies.

In addition, your clinical data will automatically be updated in your personal health record every week as new data becomes available. To access personal health record information, Air Force beneficiaries must register for MiCare (RelayHealth) at their Military Treatment Facility. eRegistration is available for AF beneficiaries with a CAC card and a "dot-mil" email address.
Once the healthcare team verifies the identification and eligibility status of the patients requesting to sign-up for MiCare, an electronic invitation to register for MiCare (RelayHealth) will be sent via email with instructions to log-in to the secure MiCare Secure Messaging site and accept the healthcare team's invitation to join MiCare. Once the invitation is accepted, their MiCare registration is complete, and they will have full access to their PHR.

The Air Force Medical Service is happy to serve you. For more information regarding the PHRs, please contact 1-866-Relayme (1-866-735-2963) or contact your health care team for additional instructions.

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